Stylish And Sleek Looking Vinyl Skins For Nexus 4 In $9

Dbrand Vinyl Skin For LG Nexus 4

Those who hold Nexus 4, it’s time for them to personalize their Smartphone using vinyl skin for their Nexus 4 at Dbrand website.

About 12 different varieties of skins available in 3 different textures which include Titanium, Carbon and leather while titanium includes only one color the silver carbon includes gray and white and leather includes 9 different colors of skins.


Because the skins are adhesive vinyl, they can be removed and reapplied when preferred, meaning users can get more than one and swap them out whenever desired. The designs are laser-etched, so the texture quality is high and consistent and the fit is precise. 

While using this skin you will not lose any of your phone style as you can in some other skins, because vinyl skins are stylish and a perfect fit for your Nexus 4. 

Well now you have started thinking about the price of vinyl skins, don’t be afraid it will not cost you as much as some other skins do , it is available at Dbrand in only $9. 

What Dbrand say about their skin For Nexus 4 


At dbrand inc., we use only Authentic 3M vinyl on our Nexus 4 skins. That means there’s never any adhesive residue left on your device, guaranteed. We are committed to providing our customers with uncompromising quality. You can relax. We only use the highest grade materials on the planet.


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