Nintendo Cheapest Wii Console The Wii Mini For Pre-Orders In UK

Wii Mini
We have got this news that Nintendo will release a stripped down gaming console version in United Kingdom on 22 March 2013. The Wii Mini price is set to be £80 and you can Pre-order this now from Amazonand Game websites.

So the new Wii mini is much cheaper than Wii and Wii U but so as it is cheap so do it has some limitations, it does not possess internet connectivity so user cannot compete online and post scores or even cannot buy from Wii Store, there is also no SD card slot but it has a one USB port.

Wii Mini
Previously Wii Mini was only available in Canada, Nintendo does have a reasonably large collection of games for the Wii Mini of over 1,000, and this could end up making the device fairly popular with a price tag of £80.

So if you want a gaming console and do not want to spend a lot than Wii Mini can be best choice. 

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