Dropbox Adds New Features Now Viewing And Sharing Becomes Much Easier

Dropbox Adds Quick Preview And Photo View Tab
Dropbox online data storage and file sharing service has recently announced that they will be adding new features of their web interface service at the Dropbox headquarter in San Francisco. One of the Dropbox new feature will be Quick Preview which will give user the more control to view files more quickly than never before by simply selecting one you required.

Dropbox will also include a new photo tab that will help users to view and share images that are uploaded At their Dropbox account.
The new features that are mentioned above are not available just now in Dropbox , according to Dropbox new features will be made accessible to users within a few months.

Now let us tell you more about Quick Preview, this feature will not support all the file types you upload on Dropbox there are some selected ones that are clear for Quick Preview such as .Docx , Doc and pdf.

Dropbox also updated photo views on the web interface, placing out photos in a grid of thumbnails and consolidating them chronology by when they were taken, rather than by name. A similar feature has already launched in Dropbox’s Android app (called Timeline), but in a few months it will be made available for web interface. Furthermore, the company is making it easier to share photos, allowing users to select photos from the web viewer and create new albums to share with social media or send through email.

These updates and adding new features are just another step for Dropbox to become a top most simple file-sharing service.

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