LG Revealed Latest Ultra Book U560 With IPS Display

LG Ultra Book U560
LG has recently released its Ultra book U560 that featured 15.6 inches of screen size with windows 8. The laptop has 1080p IPS display for wide viewing angle and with enhanced color accuracy. As told by different authors on blogs the device likely to be an alternative for the Apple MacBook Pro with retina display and amazingly it’s lighter than the MacBook Pro.

After it’s released in market only buyer’s reaction towards Ultra Book U560 will say that it has become successful pilfering sales from MacBook Pro or hasn’t.

Some of the most known specification of LG Ultra Book U560 till now is listed below:

  • Third generation Core i5 processor
  • Discrete Nvidia GeForce graphics
  • SSD and HDD connectivity, USB 3.0
  • HDMI, Optical Disc Drive

Price of U560 still undeclared, in its early days it will be only available in Korea and then step wise with other countries of the world. 

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