LED Based High Quality Home Theater Projector

Home Theater Projector
Want to have a cinema like quality of Pictures and movies at your home then your desire is guaranteed, because View sonic Pro 9000 Home Theater projector has arrived in the market.

Now lets us explore what this home theater has got, most prominent features are listed below

Amazing color performance using advanced laser Led hybrid technology

Using the high tech LED laser technology this projector directly creates RGB colors from the light train without using color wheel this means that is has more color spectrum then usual mercury lamp projectors.

Spectacular quality of pictures with Full HD 1080p
 View sonic Pro 9000 Home Theater projector provides clearest picture quality that has never experienced before in a projector. You will find amazing quality in visual effects. With the TI DarkChip3 technology makes Pro 9000 Home Theater projector the best for watching high definition Movies and pictures available in all formats.

Digital Light Processing Technology

DLP (Digital Light Processing) permits the user to experience the razor sharp quality of pictures with crystal clear images and remembers it’s the same DLP technology on which Hollywood relies; it has faster response time about 1,000 times faster than similar LCD based projectors.

Dual HDMI Support
Dual HDMI SupportHas a dual HDMI input which is the perfect one for connecting any HDMI enabled devices such as laptops, Media players, Gaming consoles and Blu-ray DVD Players

And much more that this great View sonic Pro 9000 Home Theater projector has in it which is Priced at $3,923.00 , to know more about this great device or want to purchase this visit Official Website Click Here

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