An Affordable Windows Phone The New Lumia 510

Nokia has come up with a new Lumia series Windows Phone that is much cheaper than its other Smartphones. Nokia Lumia 510 is the new addition to Lumia series of windows phone.  

Unlike any other Smartphones in the market windows phones are different from them because of their live tiles which makes it easy to see updates and messages, people hub which carries contact and updates together from all the social networks under one umbrella and availability of internet explorer 9 and Microsoft Office.

Nokia Lumia 510 comes in five beautiful colors namely white, black, red yellow and cyan. The digital lens functionality provided by the Camera Extras App to meet with five Mega Pixel camera and auto focus makes it unlike to any other Smartphone and it’s priced at $199 which is affordable.

Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport also build the most inclusive Smartphone location and navigation capability available.

 Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices said that

 With the Nokia Lumia 510, we continue to meet our commitment to bring Windows Phone to new, lower price points, 

People who use Windows Phone quickly realize how much more intuitive it is than other Smartphone platforms, and Nokia Lumia is the best embodiment of the Windows Phone experience. With the Nokia Lumia 510 we are looking forward to welcoming more people into the Windows Phone experience

Nokia Lumia 510 will be made available in the November, starting it from China and India then moved towards South America and Asia-Pacific.

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