Adventures And Driving At Night Android Game Speed Night

Speed Night Android Game

Playing racing games are always adventures and fascinating, today at Techtabloids the Android racing game we are presenting is adventures and interesting. Without wasting any time lets us tell you more about this game.

The Android game which we are talking is called Speed Night, as the name suggests game featured at night racing in traffic.


Speed Night is a racing game in which player is not racing against any opponent but to drive as far as can drive, the game includes 6 amazing cars from which one is unlocked to drive while the other one player has to unlock by paying their price. Car runs at a constant speed on its own although you can boost its speed any time and as long as you can buy deep press your finger on any part of the screen, tilt phone screen left and right to give clear directions.
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The player is not allowed to collide with any other car in the traffic if you do so, your one life will be down, if you are in the initial stage of the game where no car is unlocked and you are racing with the default open car then you only have one life although you can increase your life by collecting heart in the path.

There are some other interesting things too in the game to collect such as the coins which will help player to buy another car; there is a star of light pink color encircled which will allow players to pass though inside the other cars for a limited time about 3 to 5 seconds. Magnets are also placed in the path which you can collect that helps the player to attract coins towards the player car as player passes by near them.

To unlock car whenever you have money to purchase that car click on unlock and it will be unlocked .

                                      Screen Shot Speed Night Screen Shot

Graphics and theme

Speed Night Android Game features good graphics and sound of the cars is also fine, background music and the theme is simple and soothing.

Prominent features of Speed Night

When playing game player can collect three supports 

  •  magnet: a certain period of time used to draw within a certain range of gold coins.
  •  Stealth: within a certain time you can cross the vehicles on the road.
  • Life: in the circumstances of your life is less than 3, increase a life.

  • According to the performance of player on the plug, will get some skill, it can make your level may be raised. When you upgrade, there will be consistent with the gold award.
  • Whenever you create a new score, you will get a double number of your collecting coins.
  • Level and coins you get to unlock the car 
Game Developers : ICLOUDZONE INC.    

Authors remarks
 A good game to play , addictive and interesting game that passes your time if your feeling bored. must try this game its free on Google play.

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