Refocus Pictures After Being Captured Lytro Camera Released In Australia

Refocus Pictures After Being Captures Lytro Camera
After a long waiting the Lytro camera goes on sale in Australia today, the amazing feature of this camera is that it lets users to refocus Pictures after being captured.

Lytro is a rectangular shaped camera and their developers called it “Living Pictures”.

Lytro camera includes ISO sensitivity, natural display filter, shutter speed and auto exposure lock. This camera captures multiple rays as they enter in the camera lens and hit its sensors, this helps Lytro to record images from multiple directions so the user can modify the focus of Pictures by simple moving fingers on different parts of the image.

 Lytro has 1.5 inch touchscreen with two buttons ‘on’ and ‘shutter’, after capturing the photo users can immediately see their picture by swiping their finger across the touchscreen and it also allows to refocus by tapping on different parts of the image.
The pictures taken from Lytro camera comes relay good on larger screens, and users can easily add them to their computers or Websites.

There is a software has been made available by Lytro for PC and Mac which lets users to upload their Pictures to famous social networking websites such as Facebook , Google+ and Twitter.

This camera is available in 8GB and 16 GB models, with different color options.

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