Halo 4 Covenant Weapons Trailer Video Released

Halo 4 Covenant Weapons

Those who have an interest in shooting or action games or who are fans of the Halo game series, it’s good news for them because the new weapons trailer of Halo 4 Has been released that has revealed the weapons available in Halo 4.

According to sources Halo 4 is set to be released in November 2012.

There are 9 Covenant weapons arriving in Halo 4 with only one completely new gun, but the others which have appeared in previous games being tweaked for gamers, and include the Plama Pistol, Needler, Storm Rifle, Covenant Carbine, Beam Rifle, Concussion Rifle, Fuel Rod Canon, Energy Sword, and Gravity Hammer.

The Plasma Pistol continues its role as one of the strongest utility weapons in the Covenant arsenal. Its ability to strip enemy shields or disable enemy vehicles makes it a dangerous and deceptive weapon in the hands of the right player

Video Trailer of Halo 4 Covenant Weapons 

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