Basketball Shoot Android Game Review An Addictive Game

Sports games have always been popular irrelevant you playing on any device, today at Techtabloids we are also presenting a sports game which is widely popular around the world, the game is basketball an amazing addictive game.

Basket Ball shoot is the Android Game we are reviewing, so let’s see what this game has got.


Playing basketball shoot is very easy and the player will be addictive towards this game, in the game there will be a basketball and the basketball court all the player has to do is to put that ball in the basket , it’s not like the traditional game where there will be two teams competing with each other.

                                       screen shot Basketball Android game
There will be only you and the ball, now the question arises in your mind how can you put that ball in the basket? The answer is simple ball will be placed in a position you have to put your finger on the screen and then drag your finger down, you will see a dotted line forming as you drag your finger try to give that dotted line direction towards the basket and release your finger from the screen, the ball will move in that direction you have fixed. Remember you can place your finger anywhere on the screen and then drag to give direction towards the basket.

                                   Basketball Gameplay

There will be five rounds in the game, after clearing all five rounds a new ball will be unlocked , in Basketball shoot there are lots of balls you can unlock just keep playing games and winning new balls to play with.

Graphics and theme

Graphics are fine will interesting backgrounds and multiple courts, sound are also shooting and encouraging.

Most prominent features of basketball shot that we have noticed are as follows

  • Cool to control, amusing for every age player.
  • Countless shooting capability.
  • Simple but special picture style.
  • 11 backgrounds to choose from, like an airport, beach, rooftop and so on.
Game Developers: RUNNERGAMES
Author’s remarks

According to me basketball shoot is an interesting and addictive game , when I play this game I could help myself to stop , I just play it for hours , I recommend this addictive android game try to experience this game and surly you will also be addictive towards this game.

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