Baidu Has Launched Its Mobile Browser As Baidu Mobile Browser

The Baidu Mobile Browser

The most popular search engine in china Baidu has released its mobile browser on September 3,2012 , that will help Baidu to secure its market in mobile devices as in china , majority of the users use mobile for internet access about 388 million that was never before reported.

Baidu has given their mobile browser a name which is Baidu mobile browser, baidu have to compete with the browsers who are already have strong hold in the mobile market. Although Li Mingyuan, Baidu’s general manager of mobile and cloud computing said that “is about 20 percent faster than its rivals based on internal tests”.

Baidu mobile browser lets you play high definition videos without using any supported software

“Monetizing mobile is hugely important for Baidu,” said Michael Clendenin, managing director of RedTech Advisors, who added that the drive to monetize would be a medium-term concern for Baidu as its advertising clients still need to create mobile-friendly websites.

The goal of baidu according to the Li Mingyuan is to have 80 percent of the Android Devices in china to be downloading the Baidu Mobile Browser by the end of 2012.

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