Speed Up Your Websites With Goggle Page Speed Service Updated

Speed Up Your Websites With Goggle Page Speed Service Updated
Google one of the giants in the field of internet technologies, has recently launched an update about their Page Speed Service. For those who don’t know about it, Page Speed Service is an Online Service from Google which provides spontaneous speeds for your website load time.

Page Speed Service was previously launched in 2011, but that was a beta version. To use the updated service you are required to sign up, where you will point the DNS of your website to Google.

Page Speed Service draws your content from your servers and rewrites them by relating web routine finest Practices, and then provide them to your users or it can be any person who browses your site all over the world. Now your users will be more satisfied after this service from you because it provides them with a quicker load time.

Now all webmasters can relax, not to worry about compressing images, use of CSS or other resources that limits your Page speed.

At the instant, this great service which boosts your web pages is only available for a limited no of webmasters exclusive of any charges. Later pricing details will be made available, without losing any more time grabs your chances. All webmasters can request entry to Page Speed Service by filing a Form, to fill this Click Here

Before signing up you can check a test run for your website to see the difference that the Page Speed Service can give you, I have run this test for my website; check out the pictures below of the test result.
Techtabloids Speed Test Result 1
As the above picture of speed test result clearly shows that the first time user enters your site with no Page Speed Service my site will take about 14 seconds, but with Page Speed Service enabled it will take only 5 seconds to load for the first time, which is pretty much faster as compared to normal speed.
video Representation of Test
This is great chance to boost up your web page speed, which is much essential for your site SEO, especially for those who run their website on servers other than Google, means who are using other hosting services.

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