Protect Your Facebook Pictures With A Plug-in

Protect Your Facebook Pictures With A Plug-in .1Maximum numbers of users around the world uses Facebook, but most of them don’t care about the security measures over social site. Some who cares have to work a lot to protect their things on Facebook but any more work for you people now as there is a plug- in named social protection will soon be introduced.

Social protection will be a browser plug-in that helps you protecting your Pictures on Facebook. Plug-in has been developed by MacAfee, it will blur out all your photo’s that are on Facebook, permitting only those picture which you want others to see. Once you are protected with this app only those people will be able to see who has this plug-in installed. Social protection will also alert you when a friend of you uploads your pictures even when you are not been tagged in it, so you can protect it also or can ask your friend to remove it. You can furthermore prevent others from taking screen shots of your pictures by using a print- screen feature in this plug-in.

Protect Your Facebook Pictures With A Plug-in .2
This great plug-in will be available in the conclusion of August and it will be for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox on your PC. Also there are high chances that this Plug-in soon be available for the other platform such as Android and iOS although there are news that Android users might be getting this in the end of 2012.

For those who don’t want to wait for the plug-in with lots of functionalities to protect your pictures on Facebook. They can protect a bit go to edit your Facebook Privacy settings to choose who cannot see your pictures for today.

If you want a higher level of protection for your Pictures on Facebook, then you have to wait a till the end of August 2012.


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