Facebook Faster and High Performance App For iPhone And IPad

Facebook New Faster App For IPhone And IPad
After waiting so long,as this was part of the move from social media company Facebook to increase the numbers of users get into Facebook from Their Smartphones or Pads.

So, Facebook a social media giant has come up with a smarter and faster Facebook Application for iPad and iPhone, with a high performance speed people can access.

Those who are using Apple products such as iPhone or Ipad , this new App will function twice as fast as on other Platforms, which includes opening of an App ,scrolling down ,photo opening and news feeds.

Facebook Product Manager Mick Johnson states that, 
its a major update to the Facebook for iOS rebuilt from the ground up, to focus on one thing, performance, We kept the visual layout pretty much the same,The focus of this was performance.

This new Facebook App for IPhone and IPad will allows its users to create timeline as this can also be done in the previous versions.

Facebook captures around 540 million mobile users around the world. This new Facebook App 5.0 app will be compatible with the OS version 4.3 and later.

Facebook App for Android Devices are widely criticized due to its performance and speed, Johnson has also said that,
the interesting things are coming in future for Android.

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