BladePad A Removable Game pad For IPhone

When playing games on Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, you will always find some uneasiness

While playing, but not any more now because Bladepad an iPhone detachable game pad has arrived to rescue, a unique kind of the game pads in the Smartphone history.

so let us see what Bladepad has got

Bladepad is composed of two parts
  • Shielding case
  • Removable Gamepad with a slider
How to attach Badepad with your IPhone and its working
Attaching bladepad is an easy process; connect Bladepad with your IPhone using Bluetooth. Place IPhone in protective case and the Gamepad slides down underneath your IPhone. When you think you are done by the Game, Gamepad easily slides back.

How to remove Bladepad from IPhone
You can remove it easily; slide the gamepad off through a track along the side of the case. Protective case remains attached to your iPhone.

Bladepad has got numerous features, stated below

  • Twin Analog Sticks
  •  Complete Console Controller Button Layout (D-pad, ABXY buttons, Start, Select, L1, L2, R1, R2)
  •  Complete Backlighting (D-pad, Analog sticks, ABXY buttons) that can be turned on or off during gameplay
  •  Exceptional Protective Case, which features absolutely smooth 
  •  Low energy Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • USB charging port
  • Dual Charging Cable: Charge both your iPhone and Bladepad at the same time  (Plug the ordinary USB end into a power source and the other end of the cord splits into a standard 30 pin charger for your iPhone and a micro USB for Bladepad)
Video Representation

Android version of Bladepad is in the pipeline too, but it depends upon the successful launch of IPhone Versions.
The battery life is competitive with both the Nintendo 3Ds and Sony PS Vita, providing around four hours of nonstop game play. (3Ds is at 2.5 hours and Vita at 3.8 hours)
Battery life is reasonable with the other game pad such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS vita.
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