Android Phone security Tips

 Android Phone security Tips
Securing your android phone it’s a must to protect from threats and unauthorized access, keeping this in mind at techtabloids we have created a security tips this will help you in securing your Android device.

Follow these tips carefully and implement them per your choice.

Limit unauthorized personal to access your Android Phone

There is a built in functionality in Android Phone that will help you in limiting unauthorized access.

Go to your setting menu of Android then in some Android phones there is a security section while in some location and security, choose what you have in your device.

Now press on the setup screen Lock there will be three methods that you can pick any one such as Pattern, Pin and Password, it’s upon you which one you feel comfortable.   

Protect your Android Phone from malware and antivirus

We install antivirus on our computers, then why not in Android Phone as they are also connected to the internet, select any antivirus that you trust most from Google Play.

 Limit unknown download sources

When you install APK from unknown sources, you don’t know what’s there in that APK there are chances that it might be a malware or virus.

To protect Android Phone from above stated issues limit the download access , go to the setting section then tap on Applications and uncheck Unknown sources this will limit your downloads you will only be able to download from Google Play.  

Use GPS protection

Download App Mobile Defense from Google Play, this app has the functionality to access your Android Phone from a PC through GPS, lock it remotely; even you can back up all your data.

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