Givit – Private Video Sharing IPhone App Review

Givit Private Video SharingVideo sharing now days are very much popular, its trend these days many people share their home videos of birthday parties or any other function. The problem with these sharing is that the videos that you shared on the internet is your private things and you share this for your friends or family but this is open for public as anyone can see so turn your video sharing in some private way of sharing has been solved by an iPhone and iPad App developed by VMix Media.

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So let’s see what Givit – Private Video Sharing app has

Some of the most popular sharing websites we have is Facebook and YouTube , they have this option of privacy settings but this is an added step that you have to follow to protect your privacy . In  Givit – Private Video Sharing app you don’t have to set any privacy setting it takes privacy on its own right from the time you uploads video or you make video using this App , you just have to enter the email address of the people who you want to shared your video by doing this you now have full authority who can see your video , this app not only provide privacy of your video but also protects it by restricting your video to not be re shared by others this feature is turned off by default.

GIVIT gives you the 2GB storage the only hitch with this App is that with the people you are sharing your video they can only watch when they are registered with this service, but the registration process is very easy so not to be scared of.



  •  Record and share videos with just a few hits
  •  Share excessive videos that can’t be sent by email 
  • Control who can watch and forward your videos every time you share
  •  No waiting–fast, behind-the-scenes upload
  •  Store and manage all your videos in one place–content backed up spontaneously in your private Givit account
  • Watch and share all the videos in your Givit account on your iPhone or desktop computer
  • Let viewers respond with text and video comments
  • Not just for your iPhone–share videos from other cameras using the Givit website and Givit Desktop App
  • Allows you to continue sharing, even when you’ve reached your storage limit
  • Library page loads faster
  •  Duration of videos on your gift library now appear in the library view

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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