Smart Cover For Nexus 7 With Magnetic Technology

Smart Cover For Nexus 7 With Magnetic Technology

When people purchase IPads or Tablets they are always conscious of the safety of them because they are very light and thin and if they fall from your hands or from the table they can be damaged easily.

Keeping this in mind many tablets covers has been introduced in the market to protect them, but with the advancement of technology magnetic technology being introduced in these covers.

Nexus 7 which is the newest tablet of Google developed by Asus , same magnetic technology cover case have been developed and introduced by a United Kingdom (UK) retailer , the feature that they include is comfortable lather case , protective options including magnetic technology that lets tablets screen to be turned on and off depend upon case position and alignment a , the both cases that you can see in the video both are made of protected materials so you don’t have to feel fear about dropping or smashing they are very much secure inside these cases .

These types of cases are now becoming an integral part of Smartphones and tablets and people are showing their interest more in them now days as their main function is to protect your gadget so sometimes you get bored of them.

video of two Nexus 7 Smart Covers

Now when we have these smart cases, nexus 7 becomes extra secure and a useful addition which has the ability to protect device form damages and also work like a stand.

Nexus 7 of Google has gained popularity in a short span and there are news that it has already been sold out in UK and also the best buy in Canada.

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