Search Google Using Handwriting On Smart Phones And Tablets

search Google Using HandwritingHANDWRITE
Now day’s technology in Smartphones is evolving so fast that within shot spam a new technology arises , as the involvement of touch technology  in Smartphones are most popular so the Smartphone which possess it are also popular like Google’s Android And Apple iPhone are the most prominent example of touch and feel technology .


Now it’s one step further in touch technology, now you can write in a Google search using your finger on a Smartphone or tablets just like the way you write on paper, this technology has given the name of Handwrite.

Let us explore some more things about Handwrite

Hand write gives you the ability of writing with your finger on Google search; this technology is easily available on your in Smartphones and tablets

Try a fun and easy new way to search. Handwrite lets you write your search right on the Google homepage. It’s available on from your Smartphone or tablet, and is activated in your search setting of mobile.

How to use Handwrite?

Get under way

First you have to enable Handwrite in your setting, and then you will see a new icon in the bottom right corner on the Google Home page, Tap that icon to write wherever on screen.


 Enabling Handwrite

Turn the handwrite feature on or off in your search settings. Click Settings at the bottom of the Google homepage or a search results page, or you can hit

Move to the Handwrite part, select Enable to turn on 

Handwrite, and then click Save.

Write clearly

it will only identify legible characters; writing with block letters is the best results will return.


Auto complete Help

Autocomplete is a very good feature that keeps on helping you while you are writing, when you write some few letters then you will see some relevant results, matching to your few letters that you have written, just tap it if anything relevant you get.




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