Manner Call IPhone App Review

When I first came to know about manner call I found it very interesting and productive app that helps user a lot.

What is Manner Call and its purpose?

Manner Call is an App that has been developed for the iPhone. When you are in a situation where you due to some reasons are not able to answer the incoming call like (in a meeting, in public places or you just don’t want to pick up specific person call) then manner call is a perfect app for you.


How Manner Call Works?

Manner call can be used in the following

Tim and John are two persons

Tim >> calls John

John >> oh no he always calls me when I am busy, so I will send him an SNS (simple notification)

Tim >>Hmmm he is busy now I will call him later

In these situations you don’t have to ignore the person calling, just send a message or SNS by using manner call. Person get angry when you are not picking up the phone , so treat them in a good way using manner call.

 iPhone Screenshot 4
iPhone Screenshot 5

Manner call has following things that get noticed by me

  • If you are busy don’t need to pick up the phone just send sms
  • Text history can be saved
  • List of callers is shown
  • Use of SNS
  • Ability to schedule SMS
  • Ability to set default text message


  • Download Manner call
  • Activate now
  • Register it or you can acquire Phone no confirmation
  • Answer phone or send text when the phone is ringing 

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