How To Install APK Files In Android Devices

installing  apk files

Android technology that was introduced by Google has now become requirement maximum of the people as things became your need so it’s essential to know everything about it, people are very inquiring to know how to install APK files which is an executable like we typically have in windows PC the exe.

APK is also the same, so today in this tutorial I will tell you multiples ways to installing this APK files into your Android device.

                                Installing APK using Google Play

  • Copy the APK file you want to install in your Android Device memory card and carefully insert the card into your device.
  • Go to Google Play store and then search for the App installer or z-App installer or Fast installer
  • Open any one you like and then click on the install button below the image
  • When installation is finished, just open it and now you can see all the APK files that are stored in your android device root directory of the memory card
  • Just click on any APK file you want to install and it will be installed
  • Some other Application that can also help you installing APK is Astro file manager you can install it directly from Google Play
       Easy Alternative Ways to Install APK Files

If you find above method little difficult or longer process to download APK files then have a look at some of the alternate methods of installing APK file to your Android device.

You can easily use the drop box or some other Apps like it to transfer the APK file to your Android Device, you can e-mail APK file to your email address on your Android device.


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