Comparing Nexus 7 and iPad – performing various tests

Nexus 7 of Google VS  iPad of Apple
The Nexus 7 is in no exactly a true iPad competitor, but it’s certainly the fieriest Android tablet in town. And while we can’t honestly compare Google’s and Apple’s devices since they’re principally tablets that target different sections of prospective customers, we can certainly form out how these two devices fare when it comes to unintentional drops and water incidents.

Nexus 7


Square Trade decided to put these two tablets to the test in three challenges: a regular drop, a knock off the table and an underwater dunk. While both devices sustained the tests, the Nexus 7 came on top even though its build quality is examined given its low price.

In each event where dropping was involved, the iPad’s screen was cracked, mainly at one of its corners, while the Nexus 7 only got a few scratches on the back.

When it comes to sinking the tablets in water, they both kept running after being taken out of it – in fact, they kept running while under water as well. But the iPad lost its speakers in the course, while the Nexus 7 hanged on to its sound capabilities.


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