Best Media Player for iPhone Supports Max Formats

iOS media player

iPhone is the world’s best-selling & the most popular phone of the 21st century. This beast almost has pretty much everything, but its limited support for media file format is a significant destruction. To cope up with a situation like this, a … [Read more...]

How to Find Duplicate Pictures in iPhone and Delete them

Find Duplicate Pictures in iPhone and Delete

We usually click tons of pictures or download them. These days trends of selfie are going on and we take hundreds of selfie every day, most of them got duplicated by default because we take multiple selfie to get a perfect picture. Here we are … [Read more...]

All Popular Social Networks In One Place iPhone App Fuse Social

Fuse social iPhone app

All popular social networks in one place iPhone app Fuse: social, this application can handle all your social accounts at once. The application is interactive and has a good interface design. For a social active person this app is likely to have, … [Read more...]

Paltalk Video Chat iPhone App Helps Users To meet New People

Paltalk Video Chat

Paltalk Video Chat iPhone app helps users to meet new people having common interests by using different video chat rooms titled on different topics. There are lots of chat rooms in this video chat application for iPhone and now you can have the … [Read more...]

Tracks Your All day Activities And nutrition intakes iPhone App Argus

Build Healther Lifestyle

Tracks your all day activities and nutrition intakes the fitness application for iPhone Argus by Azumio that screens your calorie intake, your steps throughout the day and your activity to benefit you meet your fitness objectives. … [Read more...]

Famous Birthday iPhone App Provides Birth dates And Biographical Info Of Famous People

Famous Birtday app

The famous birthday iPhone app will let you know about the birthdays of famous people and also provides biographical information about them. This app is kind of an encyclopedia where fans get to know what they want to know about celebrities and other … [Read more...]

Cardiio iPhone App That Calculates Your Heart Rate

cardiio iPhone App That Calculates Your Heart Rate

When it’s essential for those to check pulse rate or heart rate, whether they elect to go for a doctor or at home needed to have gears that check pulse rate, but that could be an extra burden, so to rescue an iPhone App has now made life simple for … [Read more...]

Givit – Private Video Sharing IPhone App Review

what Givit - Private Video Sharing app

Video sharing now days are very much popular, its trend these days many people share their home videos of birthday parties or any other function. The problem with these sharing is that the videos that you shared on the internet is your private things … [Read more...]

Manner Call IPhone App Review

When I first came to know about manner call I found it very interesting and productive app that helps user a lot.What is Manner Call and its purpose?Manner Call is an App that has been developed for the iPhone. When you are in a situation where you … [Read more...]