Best Media Player for iPhone Supports Max Formats

iOS media player

iPhone is the world’s best-selling & the most popular phone of the 21st century. This beast almost has pretty much everything, but its limited support for media file format is a significant destruction. To cope up with a situation like this, a … [Read more...]

Medication Treatment App Mytherapy

medication treatment app

New developments in medicine and technology are a booming industry, but do services and technology live up to their purposeful expectations? That’s the challenge MyTherapy the medications reminders app addresses. By simplifying medications and … [Read more...]

Remove Location Sharing From Instagram Pictures Via iPhone


Location sharing of photos placed on Instagram can be useful for some, but not for all. Keeping this thought in mind, we decided to create an article on how to remove location sharing from Instagram pictures via iPhone. Location sharing gives the … [Read more...]

Remove Favorite and Recent Contacts in iPhone 6 App Switcher

remove favorites and recent contacts from iPhone 6

You must have noticed it while switching between recently opened apps on iPhone 6 (iOS 8) that on top of the screen there are recent and favorite contacts. Those who don’t know how to access app switcher simply double tap home button to display … [Read more...]

How to Automatically Delete text Messages From iPhone 6

automatically delete text messages iPhone 6

The inbox of our iPhone is often seems to be flooded with text messages, we least care about deleting text messages and don’t realize that they are eating memory of our iPhone. In iPhone 6 (iOS 8) there is a feature which lets you automatically … [Read more...]

Get Free wifi on Android and iOS Devices via app

get free wifi

Today our post is on an amazing app called Free Wi-Fi Spots – Instabridge, now you can get free wifi on Android and iOS devices via app,what this app does is that it allows you to access wifi networks which are unsecured and password protected. The … [Read more...]

Math Problem Solving App PhotoMath

Math solving app

Are you one of those students who find it difficult to solve math problems? And always count for somebody to aid you out in solving your Math exercise. What if you can execute it by yourself at present, but by using an App called PhotoMath. This app … [Read more...]

How to Disable Autocorrect Feature on iPhone and Mac

disable auto correct on iPahone

Autocorrect is the typing feature which assists users in typing quickly, while typing if you hits the wrong word, it will be corrected but it’s not always the right word. In reality, most of the messages we sent using autocorrect feature are sent … [Read more...]

How to Turn off Keyboard Clicking Sound in iPhone and iPad

How to turn off keyboard sound in iPhone and ipad

In iPhone and iPad we heard clicking sound each and every time the keyboard key is pressed, which might be useful in letting the user know that you are typing correctly. Whereas some users find it annoying and likes to turn off this clicking sound … [Read more...]

How to Decline a Phone Call With a Text Message on iPhone 6

How to decline a phone call in iPhone 6

Sometimes you are too busy with your works ,that you don’t have time to answer a phone call, in effect,you just decline the call or let you Phone ringing. Some people find decline a call as a disgrace, but they are too busy or are in no mood to … [Read more...]